Lifting & Rolling Systems

The container and shelter transport systems from hetek  show their real strengths well away from permanent infrastructures – for civil defense, disaster aid, transporting equipment for the army, air force and navy, for technical assistance services, international crisis aid, in fact wherever heavy loads have to be moved by muscle power alone.
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The hoisting gear products put your mobile world on a secure footing:

  • Loading of containers into airplanes- are suitable for depositing containers and shelters without the help of vehicle cranes and to load them into airplane or wagons.
  • Mobile Satellite communication units
  • Containers carrying telecommunications and radar equipment
  • Radar stations, fire service containers
  • Utility containers (electricity, water, gas and air-conditioning)
  • Launcher units for unmanned surveillance aircrafts (UAV)
  • Training and simulation systems
  • Environmental monitoring stations, technical service
  • Command posts
  • Laundries and dry-cleaning facilities
  • Leveling of vehicles
  • Field hospitals, decontamination units
  • Freight containers