Constant Temperature Range
             -55 °C + 160 °C


The most used metal conductor for electricity and electronics in Copper electrolytic re-heating guaranteed Cu aI of first quality.
It is manufactured in several forms:

  • Standard red copper
  • Tin plated red copper
  •  Silver plated red copper
  • Nickel Plated Red Copper

    Our braids are made in ribbon form:
  • Flat Braids referenced for width and section (mm2).
  • Round Braids referenced for diameter and section (mm2).
  • Tubular Braids referenced for diameter used as "Shield"
  • Round Braid with PVC Insulation referenced for diameter and section (mm2).


    Flat braid because of its extreme suppleness and resistance to alternate flexion, it is ideally suited to mobile contacts connections, shunts, brushes and earth contacts for electrical(doors, chassis, etc…)

    Round Braid for the same uses as Flat Braid but because of its round form, it is more suitable for use with spade terminals.

    Tubular Braid the copper filaments are woven into a tubular form which allows a varying interior diameter which facilitates cable feeding. This form a Shield (often used to obtain high quality transmission).

    Silver plated braid ca be:
  •  Round
  •  Flat
  •  Tubular

Manufactured only on request.