St. St. wire Braids

Constant Temperature of Use

                 -55° C +200° C


The metal used a stainless steel austenitic and ferritic thread following the quality norm NF EN 10088-3 November 1995.
The most frequently used diameter is 0.2 all other ø 0.12-0.15 are manufactured only on request.
Braids are flat, round or tubular.


The Flat Braid is perfectly adapted for moveble connection in a corrosive environment.

The Round Braid can be used in the same way as the flat braid but is not round and can be used more easily with electric terminals\thimbles.

The Tubular Braid, in a tubular shape, allow variations in the internal diameter in order to insert threads and cables more easily in order to achieve an electrical screening.

Shunt – on request with plan
With stainless steel electrical terminals\thimbles:


  • Round
  • Flat