Company Profile

C.M.I. Electronic Industries Trading Ltd. was founded in 1988. 
The Company is ISO 9001-2015 certified, IAI certified, and specializes in giving logistic support. 
CMI Aircraft  Spares & Supplies Ltd.  , since 2003 active in the USA in the Aerospace logistic and support.

C.M.I.'s fields of expertise:

  • 3D Printing Technology & Systems.
  • From Macro to Micro metal 3D printing
  • LFAM-Large Form Additive Manufacturing
  • Aircraft Spare Parts.
  • Lifting Systems & Ground Equipment.
  • Raw materials, Hardware & Fasteners. 
  • Braided Sleeves
  • Medical devices &implants production
  • Aerospace fasteners

     Additional fields:
  • Subcontracting projects.
  • Logistic support
  • Outsourcing

             1. Metals manufacturing & machining including high quality metalwork, according to customer's specs. 
             2. Complex technical projects, according to customer's requirements. 
             3. Projects' Management tailored to customer requirements. 

                                Assistance and solutions for problems in all the above mentioned fields. 

         We are supplying products & raw materials to the following industries:

  • 3D Metal printing manufacturers. 
  • Aircraft systems manufacturers. 
  • Aircraft maintenance. 
  • Governmental customers. 
  • High-tech industries.