EB Welding Technology

Electron Beam (EB) welding is an excellent choice for applications containing refractory alloys and dissimilar materials. Advantages of EB welding technology include a high power density with very low overall heat input and, therefore, minimum distortion. EB welded parts require a minimum of post-weld machining and heat treatment, and, unlike other fusion welding processes, requires no shielding gases. The weld quality is exceptional and the process is extremely efficient (typically 95%), carefully controlled and fully automated.

EB welding technology offers the following advantages:

• Versatility to weld thin foils to thick sections (greater than 2.5" depth-of penetration)
• Multi-axis EB control
• High ratio of depth-to-width
• Maximum penetration with minimal distortion
• Exceptional weld strength
• Inert atmosphere (vacuum)
• High precision and repeatability with virtually 0% scrap