Constant Temperature Range   
               - 55° C + 100°C


This sleeve is made from poly-amide 12 fibers with special contour, large stitches facilitate the easy entry and exit for cabling.

Physical Properties

Because of the special fiber contour the sleeve holds the cable perfectly in place.

Color Code
Color code: Gray- 8
Example- Rilffilec

Mini Interior diam.: 10
Max. diam:16
  Part No   NSN   Description   Manufacturer
  RILF 6\10
  RILFILEC Interior Diam. min. 6mm max 10 mm
  Gaines Lejeune S.A.
  RILF 10\16
  RILFILEC Interior Diam. min. 10mm max 16 mm
  Gaines Lejeune S.A.
  RILF 16\22
  RILFILEC Interior Diam. min. 16mm max 22 mm
  Gaines Lejeune S.A.
  RILF 22\30
  RILFILEC Interior Diam. min. 22mm max 30mm
  Gaines Lejeune S.A.
  RILF 30\40
  RILFILEC Interior Diam. min. 30mm max 40mm
  Gaines Lejeune S.A.
  RILF 40\52
  RILFILEC Interior Diam. min. 40mm max 52mm
  Gaines Lejeune S.A.