Constant Temperature of Use

          -40°C + 150°C for PET
          -40°C +200°C for PBT


The Ester tube is a tube braided with single thread, either, Polyester threads PET or PBT. 
It is used for cable protection.
The PET is an abbreviation of Polyester Terephtalate.
The PBT is an abbreviation of Polybutylene Terephtalate. This product is obtained by Polycondensation of Dimethylterephtalate DMT and of 1.4 Butanediol. With the properties listed below, the PBT is rated among the technical plastics.


  • Resistant to high temperatures (Superior to 473 k or 200c)
  •  Dimensional stability(al absorption virtually no water)
  •  Tenacity, resistance to creep.
  •  Remarkable fire resisting properties when used as fire proofing.

    Other important properties of PBT:
  •  Reliable rubbing coefficient.
  •  Good dielectric properties.
  • Good age – resistant qualities.

    Presentation Series:
    The Ester tube comes in a diameter from 3 to 60 mm.
    The Ester tube is in two series:
    300 Series for everyday low-cost cabling.
    800 Series for high temperature and fireproofing cabling.

    ESTER – 300 SERIES PET thread diameter of 0.22 sleeve diameter from 3 -60 mm comes in two colors (black and gray).
    This sheath type is not identified by color.

    ESTER – 800 SERIES PBT thread diameter of 0.25 sleeve diameter from 3-60 mm comes in two colures (black and gray).
    This sheath type is identified by black colored coating for the basic gray color and by grey colored coating for the basic black color.
    The product is delivered in bobbins of different lengths, but with a minimum of only one join per length.

    The Ester tube can be used in the following:
  •  Cabling for scientific, electronic, electric, telephonic, and electrical, television, aviation, and marine equipment.
  •  Cabling for big length and every where the tube must comply with rigorous mechanical constrains and at the same time must be fire –resistant.
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