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The NDT answer for any 3D printed metal  part


CMI is the official representative of Vibrant in Israel.

Vibrant’s Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) is an economical replacement for destructive testing that enhances safety and operating economics by detecting process variation and structural defects undetectable by other methods. Our PCRT technology is not limited to specifically targeting defined anomalies against a benchmark tolerance, but goes a step further. Taking the guesswork out of identifying potential failures, we look at every part, identifying all anomalies – even those you didn’t know could exist.


Traditional aerospace NDT methods inspects only  known issues and in many cases only tests a small fraction of the parts due to sampling practices. Destructive testing quickly becomes costly. Adding Vibrant’s revolutionary PCRT testing to your NDT inspection routine allows you to quickly test all parts to immediately identify every potential issue and end costly destructive testing. 


Vibrant’s PCRT Advantage



Increase your bottom line by minimizing part waste. Stop scrapping potentially good parts in hopes of catching a possible flaw.


Reduce fail risk. Vibrant’s PCRT looks deeply at the whole part, quickly identifying parts out of conformity.


Confidently increase efficiency. PCRT tests dozens of parts in a matter of seconds where materials lab or other methods can take days to inspect a single part.